La Safor promotes its five tourist routes with Inventrip.

Sismotur’s directors of Business Development and Sales, Josep Antoni Tamarit and Pedro Jiménez, accompanied the president of La Safor at the presentation of the new initiative to promote tourism in the Mancomunidad. Also present was the COO of Sismotur, Manuel Mariscal, who presented the intelligent tourist information and signage plan drawn up for the 31 municipalities in the region.

Boosting digital tourism in Mancha-Júcar

The local action group unveiled the Mancha-Júcar Inventrip platform, with which the region is committed to the digitalisation of tourism in its territory. It joins the network of counties in the province of Albacete already connected to Inventrip, as well as its capital. In addition, in this initiative, smart signage boards have been implemented for all the municipalities in the region.

Santiago del Teide integrates its virtual viewpoints with Inventrip

The municipality of Santiago del Teide has become the first Tourist Destination to integrate Dielmo 3D’s high-definition viewpoint technology and virtual tours into the Inventrip platform. This strengthens the collaboration between Sismotur and Dielmo 3D to improve the promotion of tourism destinations by adding quality digital content and the global platform Inventrip.

Albacete Provincial Council joins the Inventrip Destination network

The president of the Provincial Council of Albacete, Santi Cabañero, opened the online conference organised for the presentation of the network of smart boards and tourism offices implemented in the Sierra del Segura and Sierra de Alcaraz and Campo de Montiel. The CEO of Sismotur, Augusto Ramos, presented to the representatives of the 27 municipalities the functionality of the inventrip platform and the characteristics of the installed equipment.