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A sustainable tourism destinations community thanks to a smart usage of technology


A new way of travelling

Inventrip accompanies your tourists along the whole trip cycle, helping them to plan their visit,
giving them contextualized information during their stay at the destination, and allowing them to share their experiences afterwards on their social media.

Networks of tourism data

Inventrip manages, distributes and disseminates the tourism data of your destination

Publish tourism data of your destination with your county, province, route or any other
geographical or thematic scope for further visibility of your tourism resources and services.
Connect with other Inventrip destinations and improve the tourists visiting experience!


Platform with web service, app, API service and Big Data system

Inventrip web service

Your destination on any device

The platform has a web version, besides the app, that can be accessed from any device’s browser. The user may create itineraries explore, or share them in social media. Thanks to its indexed content, it makes that your data shows up more efficiently in search engines.



Inventrip app

Inventrip network at the digital tourist fingertips

The app is the key to access all the tourism contents of Inventrip destinations network uploaded with the web service. Besides that, through the Bluetooth of the mobile device, you may connect to your smart signs and receive contextualized information according to the contents you have programmed.

API Inventrip

Simplify your software development and share your data.

Inventrip Platform is capable of integrating with your tourism web pages and your smart city information systems to reduce costs and simplify your software development cycle. It’s the most advanced solution form managing and disseminating data.

Normalized and structured data

Spanish norm UNE 178503

Monitoring impacts

Inventrip network

Big Data

Information is power, use it

Inventrip allows you to analyse data generated by the digital tourist behaviour before, during and after the trip to your destination. With this key information you may improve your interaction with them and plan strategies and decisions to increase its value. We monitor impacts in the web and app services, and share usage data with the Inventrip API in order to be integrated in your smart platform.