Smart Signage

Connect your signs to the Inventrip network, which counting more 2000 today

Smart signage Plan

Transform your signs into tourism offices

Your signs have a new mission: interact with the new digital tourists, who travels connected to mobile technologies. Smart tourism signs allows them to establish a more emotional connection with your destination, thanks to Inventrip app and updated and contextualized information you created for him, inclusively in his own language, and to which he may access without internet.


We simplify the management of your signage plan

Sismotur offers you a proven methodology, successfully applied in numerous destinations. In our tourism signage plan, drawn and written for your destination, you will find much more than a manual of how to make signs, because we are aware of the process complexity (define, draw and update), as well as of the new technologies associated to smart signing systems.

We also implement the Signing web service in order to give you the technology and tools needed to manage the signs of your destination in an easy and efficient way; in particular enabling you to follow-up the execution of your plan.

*Signing forms part, together with Inventrip, of the solutions in the Smart Tourist Destinations network catalogue.

Beacons and geofences plan

No need to be online

Beacons are small devices with Bluetooth technology which send information to the tourist mobile device through the Inventrip app and make the interaction with the surroundings easier, enhancing their experience at the destination. Simple and easy to use.

Geofences are virtual digital spaces, without any physical device installed, which allows to geolocate the mobile in order to show contextualized information with Inventrip app. It welcomes the tourist in transport centres and suggests him an Inventrip trip with all major resources.

Smart walking tracks

Design routes

Design itineraries with beacons-equipped wooden fences, which encourage rural tourism and nature, and start a tourism and environmental communication strategy. Explore the endless possibilities that this breakthrough technology offers your destination.