April 2022

Launch of the Enotourism project, a mosaic of experiences

Sismotur was invited to the launching day of this project of the PDR 2020 of Portugal, which has as partners the associations ADREPES, ADER-AL, APRODER and ADL. Augusto Ramos, CEO of Sismotur, presented the possibilities of the Inventrip platform to digitise the enotourism offer of the 17 municipalities of the project, as well as to connect the different territories of the associations.

The Open-Ideas Tourism Report 2022 includes Sismotur’s vision of smart signage.

Augusto Ramos, CEO of Sismotur, has been invited to present in the second edition of this report, the experience of Sismotur in the deployment of the concept of smart signage as a means of communication between the Destination and the digital tourist. With the title: Connected to the reality of smart signs, Augusto Ramos highlights the importance of conceiving smart signage as “a connection to reality with digital contents”.

Sismotur: Founding partner of the IREA association for European rural development.

Today, Sismotur, together with different public and private entities from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece, has signed its adhesion as a founding partner of the European association iREA. During the day, Augusto Ramos, CEO of Sismotur, accompanied by the Directors of Sismotur in France and Portugal, Felipe Santi and Jorge Albardeiro, presented Sismotur’s technological contribution to the growth of rural development through digital tourism Finally, at the constitutive session of the association’s governance bodies, Augusto Ramos was appointed Secretary General of the Strategic Committee.